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Welcome Ropers

The National Team Ropers' Association features a team roping format that allows all category of ropers to compete in the same roping with an equal opportunity to win. Categories are determined similar to a 4-D barrel race. Any roper has the potential to win any or all categories. Therefore, if a pro team breaks a barrier or ropes a leg, they may still win in a lower category. Further, many times ropers who are justing starting a new horse aren't able to compete successfully at many ropings. This format allows the roper not to pressure their young horse and still feel that they have the opportunity to win.

Categories are determined by the number of teams:

  • 25-50 Teams (2 categories, 1 place)
  • 51-75 Teams (3 categories, 1 place)
  • 76-100 Teams (4 categories, 1 place)
  • 100-125 Teams (5 categories, 1 place)
  • 126-200 Teams (6 categories, 2 places)
  • 201-300 Teams (7 categories, 2 places)
  • 301-400 Teams (8 categories, 2 places)

All category ropings are 3-steer, straight draw pots progressive after one. All categories pay the same. All teams that rope two get their 3rd steer. At the end of the 3rd round, the teams are ranked from fastest on 3 head to slowest. Then the teams are divided into categories based upon the number of teams. The software program will rank order and categorize the teams for the producer. If fewer teams than the categories allow for catch 3 steers, then the top times from the 2nd go round would be taken to fill those spots.